Northeastern Lamb Rice Recipe

Northeastern Lamb Rice Recipe

Do you know how to make mutton rice? This is a typical northeastern recipe that is excellent for using leftover lamb. If you like the strong flavor of this meat, don't forget to prepare the Northeastern Lamb Rice Recipe! Check out the detailed walkthrough of specialfood below, cook and serve for your family!

Ingredients for making Northeastern Sheep Rice:

 2 cups of rice

 250 grams of cooked mutton

 1 unit of chopped onion

 ½ unit of chopped red pepper

 2 chopped garlic cloves

 1 bay leaf

 2 tablespoons of oil or butter

 ¼ cup of parsley, cilantro or chives


How to make Northeastern Sheep Rice:

The first step in this mutton rice recipe is to heat a pan with the oil or butter and sauté the onion, garlic and pepper in it along with the bay leaf.

When the stew starts to brown, add the rice and let it fry for a while. Then add 4 cups of water or broth, season with salt to taste and cook covered until the rice is ready.

Tip: If cooked with uncooked mutton, cut into pieces and add in this step to cook with rice.

Once the rice is ready, mix the shredded meat and the chopped parsley, cilantro or chives. Your northeastern mutton rice is ready!

See how easy it is? Taste and tell us what you think of this recipe. Also be sure to check out other northeastern delicacies, such as hausa rice, maxixada with cream and fried cassava with bottled butter. Enjoy your food!

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